RESIDENTS have rallied around the new owner of a popular Barrow music venue after he has revealed his plans for the future.

Gaz Wood, who runs The Derby Inn, has now taken the helm at The Odd Frog in Duke Street.

Talking about future plans, Mr Wood said: "Plans wise I did not want the place to shut so I have kept it open, kept the staff and we are running it (The Odd Frog) as it is for now.

"In four weeks or so we are going to close it for a week or two, redecorate, rebrand and relaunch it.

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"When we relaunch it is going to be a live music and events venue. We will be doing a lot of private hire parties too."

The Duke Street venue was set up in July 2018 by Andrew Turner, his wife Lisa Turner, and local musician and businessman Jason Berry.

Residents took to social media to congratulate Gaz and wish him all the best for the future.

Gary Robinson said: "Best of luck Gaz Wood. Already a legend, keeping the scene alive in Furness!"

Rachael Miles said: "Best of luck Gaz."

Bryan Reynolds said: "Good luck Gaz."

Matty Smith said: "Good luck Gaz. Couldn’t have got a better proprietor for the venue."

Norfarwrong: "He's made the Derby a success, which struggled for quite a while a few years back. In this climate that's a great achievement. I'm looking forward to going back to the Frog."

Ferdous Ahmed said: "Good luck."

Gary Wood said: "All the best for the future. You and your family deserve it."

Lee Jackson said: "Good luck."

Siobhan Rooke said: "Good luck Gaz." 

Winnie Bago said: "Gee whiz it's all doom and gloom on here. Good luck fella, you've got my support."

Batman without Robin said: "Good luck Gaz."

Jo Miller said: "Good luck Gaz!"