READERS have shared mixed views after a council made a plea to residents to stop feeding seagulls in parks for fears they could be dangerous to small children.

Millom Town Council has taken to Facebook to request that residents and park users do not feed seagulls in any of the town's parks.

It says that after complaints from the public, it has had to issue the notice, which notes that the birds 'could potentially cause a danger'.

Janet Bury said: "I know many dangerous people roaming the earth but never had a problem with a gull!"

Gemma Humes said:"Dangerous? Never had a problem with any of them. What is bad is the cruelty towards them."

Barrow Focus said: "Liberals defending Seagulls is why we have a problem with them. They can be aggressive towards people and animals."

Vanessa Anne Quinn said: "It's not always us feeding them, the crafty birds swoop down and steal your food off you, happened to me on Dalton Road, flew off with my fish and chips, hope he enjoyed"

Stuart Michael said: "I got clawed on the head by one but managed to survive thank god, I thought I was a goner but pulled through."

Patricia Whyte said: "Went to Tesco this afternoon and two people were feeding them right outside the front doors! There were loads descending down, quite scary to be honest. Unbelievable!"

Lori Robinson said: "It's humans who are dangerous, not gulls, firing an arrow through one, running them over, yeah right!"