New gates leading the way to Barrow Park were praised by the town’s mayor in 2005.

Michelle Roberts, who officially unveiled the gates, said they were ornate and old-fashioned in design, reflecting the history of the park.

She said: “A great job had been done on the gates.”

The gates were part of the original design by esteemed landscape architect Thomas Mawson, but were not completed when the park was built in the early 1900s.

The £2.9m restoration of the park had seen the replacement of a lost bandstand, the creation of an original entrance and improved paths and gardens.

Councillor David Pidduck, deputy leader of Barrow council, said: “It is wonderful to see the project finally drawing to an end.”

Boats are back on the lake 30 03 2006

In 2006 boating was on Barrow Park lake is back after a two-year absence.

Keith Newby, who ran Barrow Leisure Boating Services, was set to launch his fleet of rowing boats, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks, restoring the lake as a family favourite.

His service had been halted two years previously when work started on a major makeover of Barrow Park using lottery money.

The work included draining the five-acre lake.

Even when the work was complete there was not enough water in the lake to float a boat. But it filled up with rain at the end of 2005 and was back to a normal height of nearly 4ft.

Boats included two former sailing dinghies, which Mr Newby had fitted with electric motors.

"They will appeal to people who don't want to row," he said.

He had also bought three paddle boats from the south of England.

He also had 14 rowing boats, nine Canadian canoes, 15 single seat kayaks, five paddle boats and two electrically propelled boats.

He said: "Many more people are using the park since its refurbishment.

"The play areas are superb and there is a café too."