IT is fair to say that Barrow is proud of their lioness. 

Georgia Stanway scored the goal against Spain to send England into the semi-finals of the European Championships.

Georgia lived in Askam until she moved away at 16 to join the youth academy at Blackburn Rovers before eventually signing for Manchester City, and this summer Bayern Munich.

Matt Johnson Prestige, a car dealership in Barrow that has been sponsoring Georgia for years posted a documentary on their Facebook page called ‘Roots.’ Owner Matt Johnson interviewed her about her love for football.

She said she grew up in a 'house right by the beach' and that she used to spend her days 'being outdoorsy, playing every single sport possible.' 

Her first team was Furness Rovers Boys. She went along with her brother to 'kick a few shins and think I knew what I was doing.'

Matt Johnson said that he had helped Georgia pass her test, and that all her cars had been given to her by the dealership including the Range Rover seen in the video. Matt said: “She, like me, is proud of her roots hence the name of the documentary.”

The Mail: Matt said that he helped Georgia pass her driving testMatt said that he helped Georgia pass her driving test

When asked if he will be watching her he said: “Absolutely! She single-handedly scored the goal that put England into the semis.”

Soon after she joined the U17 England squad in 2016 she went to Furness Academy to give a speech to the students about achieving their goals. 

Craig Maclean, a PE teacher from Furness Academy said: "A local kid doing well is always going to be an inspiration to the community.

"I know kids who play football and Georgia is their hero.”

The Mail: Georgia scored a stunning goal against Spain in the 96th minuteGeorgia scored a stunning goal against Spain in the 96th minute

When asked if Georgia was an important role model, Craig said: "Absolutely. I think it is amazing that women's football has been doing so well. The fact that the game is at the forefront of the news as well is so important." 

Steve Herbert, chair of the Bluebirds Trust that represents Barrow AFC fans said: "To think children, especially girls in the Furness area can achieve whatever they set out to do. She put football on the map."

Georgia will be preparing for the England game against either Sweden or Belgium in the semi-finals at Bramall Lane, Sheffield on July 26.