MCDONALD'S customers have branded its long wait times as 'ridiculous' and 'unacceptable'.

Concerns have been raised by McDonald’s customers who are reportedly waiting more than 30 minutes to receive their fast-food order at the new Ulverston restaurant.

A spokesman for McDonald’s said there was not one particular reason which can be attributed to the delays but it recognised the reported wait times were ‘unacceptable’.

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He said: “There’s not one particular reason for any delays. It’s a fairly new restaurant and often times it can be the ‘perfect storm’ of small issues that can impact service.

“Of course we recognise that the reported wait times are unacceptable and would apologise to those customers impacted."

Customers have been sharing their experiences with the fast food chain.

Kay Jeffries said: "Been there a couple of times and each time the wait was ridiculous, to be honest.

"Only ordered a couple of things and were sent round to the collection area to wait for nearly half an hour when other people were flying threw."

Carlie Bamber said: "This isn't just the Ulverston branch! Both branches in barrow are just as bad."

Samantha Arts said: "Might have to wait but the food is always red hit not like our barrow."

Joanna Noël Nyxie Bentley said: "Waited a long time for food but the staff were very polite but why oh why are the frappucinos hardly ever on."

Amanda Tyson said: "We were there today the poor staff were overrun with two buses full of teenagers but they got them all sorted and did a great job."

Sharon Smith said: "The only problem I've had is using the app so lost out on a deal! But the food is fresh it's fantastic for Ulverston."

Emma Bird said: "I and quite a few others waited over 45 mins in there last week."