AS the UK faced some of the hottest weather on record, children in South Cumbria enjoyed their final days of school in the sunshine.

For some children, this starts their six-week summer break before returning with their classmates for another year of primary, junior and senior school in September.

For others, this week marked the end of their journey with their current class and teachers before they move on to new schools after the holidays.

We asked parents to send in pictures of their children during their last day of school, and we were inundated with responses.

Among them was Sadie who got to enjoy a Cumbrian Cow ice cream during her final day at Chetwynde, and Joe Middleton who had his shirt signed by his friends at Roose Primary.

Miya-Maye Kenricks said goodbye to her nursery friends in preparation for starting reception in September, and Gracie Newton from Dalton St Mary’s decorated her own leavers shirt for her last day at the school.