In 2006 The Mail reported that photographs of a village’s past had been made into a calendar.

The report began: ‘When a woman from Urswick promised to cherish an elderly neighbour’s old photographs, she had no idea what she would do with them.

‘But Sandra Forrester kept her promise and treasured the pictures of old Urswick, which her neighbour, Thea Stubbs, said she wanted to be seen by a wider audience.

'Now, a few years after Mrs Stubbs’ death, Mrs Forrester has granted her neighbour’s wish. The photographs are now part of an Urswick fund-raising calendar.’

Called In and Around Urswick c1906, the calendar featured 13 photographs of life and local scenes.

Pictures included the rushbearing ceremony, the tarn, Urswick stone walls and Bardsea Church.

Mrs Forrester, of Little Urswick, hoped sales of the calendar would raise money for St Mary and St Michael’s Church and Urswick Recreational Hall.

She said: “They are two institutions Thea worked so hard to support so I am sure she would have supported the production of the calendar.

“Thea treasured these pictures, which were originally on glass negatives, as they were a gift from one of her closest friends, but she was very worried about exposing them to light.

“It was not until a number of years after she received them that we discovered someone who knew how to take prints from the glass negatives.

"Then Thea left them with me and I knew I had to use them as she loved the village and wanted to share and preserve the images for generations to come. She felt they were part of Urswick's heritage."

The glass negatives of local events in the 1900s were made by joiner and keen photographer Robert Dobson.

Mrs Forrester hoped the calendar would appeal to current and former families of Urswick.

She said: "I also hope it will appeal to those with fond memories of the village."