DRIVE-THRUS are contrary to environmental policies which seek to lower our emissions.

This was the over-riding feeling of locals having their say on the recent application for a drive-thru Starbucks on Ulverston's Beehive Business Park.

Rawdon Property Group Ltd is seeking permission for opening hours of between 5.00am and 11.00pm on behalf of the coffee chain.

The application has divided opinion among public figures and readers.

There has been excitement over the job opportunities an Ulverston branch would provide but concerns have been expressed about the out-of-town location and environmental impact.

Helen Garnett said: "Drive-thrus are bad for the environment. How can this even be considered an option?"

Amanda Cowperthwaite said: "Stop building drive-thrus, [they are] bad for health and the environment. People sit in their cars longer to wait in line than if they parked and went in. It makes no sense at all."

William Howard Cole said: "They need to put at least a 10% environmental tax on drive-thru food!"

Fenn Chapman said: "Can we not find something better than Starbucks? The coffee is terrible and overpriced. Maybe we could have an independent, local coffee retailer. There is no need for us to be giving money to Starbucks."

Nathan Wilson said: "Have we really reached the point where we can’t even be bothered to get out of a car for a cup of coffee?"

Dan Martin said: "If they want us out of our cars, what's the point of building drive-thrus?"

The proposal includes 18 vehicle parking spaces, including two disabled spaces, and parking spaces for six bicycles.

Katie Hall, development management officer at Cumbria County Council, outlined the response of the council's highways department in a letter published on the South Lakeland District Council planning portal.

She said: "I do agree with the transport statement conclusions that generated traffic will not have a significant impact on the existing highways conditions."

However she said clarification was needed over why the number of parking spaces included in the application was lower than the requirement of 24.