A BOY from Barrow has had a successful weekend after winning three out of three races at in the Rich Energy British Mini Bikes Championship.

Travis Shaw, 8, from Barrow started competing in short circuit motorcycle racing when he was five years old after seeing his dad Daniel Shaw competing.

Travis said: "When I was watching my Dad race it looked really fun so I wanted to start."

On what he loves about competing in the sport, Travis said: "I enjoy stealing race wins from everyone."

Over the weekend, Travis was competing in the Rich Energy British Mini Bikes Championship, down in Suffolk winning three of three races. 

Travis' Dad, Mr Shaw said: "As parents, we are unbelievably proud of him both on and off the track.

The Mail: SUCCESS: Travis Shaw. Credit: Si Wright photographySUCCESS: Travis Shaw. Credit: Si Wright photography

"I have always loved any form of motorsport that involves speed and adrenaline, including racing motorbikes from 2013 to 2019 and Travis was brought up in and around the motorcycle racing paddocks and this is where his love of motorbikes came from."

Short Circuit Racing is a popular form of motorsport enjoyed by huge numbers of competitors and runs across the entire motorsport world.

Travis sent he felt 'really happy as it gives me confidence for the rest of season' after winning his races on the weekend.

On what the future holds for Travis, Mr Shaw said: "As long as Travis is enjoying himself and progressing then he will go as far as he wants.

"I will provide the opportunity and do my job to guide him the best I can. We have been training in Spain during the winter months and racing in the UK during the summer months since 2019.

The Mail: AWARDS: Travis Shaw. Credit: Si Wright photographyAWARDS: Travis Shaw. Credit: Si Wright photography

"The championship Travis races in (rich energy British minibike championships) has one race weekend a month at various circuits around the UK and we have five rounds left this year. He is currently racing in the Ohvale Cup 110cc Cup, which is aimed at 8 to 12 years old and Travis is currently leading the championship.

"The last round was at the circuit red Lodge karting in Suffolk the weekend just gone, Travis qualified on pole positions for the races and won all three races."