WINDERMERE and Kendal's Sport Nunchaku were invited to take part in a special martial arts event in Rotherham alongside several highly respected masters.

Sensei Smith from The Sport Nunchaku UK National HQ, located on Droomer Driver, is the UK’s 1st World Nunchaku Champion and a sixth-degree black belt in Ju-Jitsu. 

The Sensei and his team was invited by Sensei T. Starling to teach sport nunchaku at the Dependables seminar in Rotherham on the weekend of June 18 and 19.

The event also included President of International Budo Federation (England & Wales) and Main Organiser Sensei Tom Starling 7th Dan Jiu Jitsu (London),  Sensei Kevin Pell -10th Dan Ju-Jitsu (Norwich), Sensei Sue King (Liverpool), Sensei Tom Garvin (Norwich), and Sensei Jack Taylor (Rotherham) who represented Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. 

Sensei Starling taught the famous Kano Jiu Jitsu, as well as different chokes and holds, takedowns, wrist locks from other instructors.

Sensei Smith was given the honour of teaching sport nunchaku at the event and he was also welcomed to teach sport nunchaku at the Kaizen Martial Arts Expo in Nottingham earlier on June 12.

Sensei Smith said: “It was an honour to be invited to Rotherham and Nottingham and to be able to teach alongside a tenth-degree black belt. 

“We have been invited to Dumfries in September where they will be running the Dependables seminar 23rd September.

“People will be going from all over. Germany, Holland, Spain, Britain, and Ireland. 

“Sensei Starling will be attending. 

“People will be coming from around the globe to teach and train. It’s a great honour to teach and represent our sport especially as we are the only accredited association in the UK.

“It went very well and I got to speak with Sensei Starling and Sensei Pell which was an honour. 

“It was nice to see everyone and we’re looking forward to Scotland. 

“We had people join the seminars from London, Chester, Liverpool, White Haven and we were representing the Lake District.”

Sensei Smith runs a 1 week Free trial at  Windermere on Tuesday.6-7pm at Main HQ and Thursday”s 6-7pm at Kendal on Castle Street Community Centre.

For information visit, or, The Sport Nunchaku Team