THE kind-hearted people of Barrow have helped a grieving family ‘go the extra mile’ in giving their late baby girl the send-off she deserves.

Jonathan Mould and Laura Dearden have been inundated with support following the loss of their much-loved two-year-old daughter Savannah.

The Barrow family faced every parents’ worst nightmare on Sunday June 12 after their little girl suffered a seizure which they were unable to control.

Despite three days of efforts by doctors and nurses, Savannah’s parents were told there had been too much damage to their baby girl’s organs and brain.

She was left on ventilation for enough time for her family to say their last goodbye.

Laura said their daughter was the ‘light of their lives’ and their ‘hearts are broken’.

The family launched a Go Fund Me page to help with the cost of Savannah’s funeral and give their daughter the farewell she deserves.

Within just a few days, the family smashed their fundraising goal of £5,000, thanks to an outpouring of generous donations.

Laura’s workplace, MSH Healthcare in Barrow, donated a ‘massive chunk’ to the fundraiser which helped the family achieve their target.

Laura said: “MSH Healthcare donated a massive chunk and that's the reason why we managed to achieve our target, I’ve never been prouder to say I work for a specific company.

“We've been able to really go the extra mile for her, for our baby girl.

“In times when things are tough now anyway with me and Johnny being out of work for a while, so the people of Barrow are really who have made this happen.

“She will have the best send-off possible.

“We've already made all the arrangements, and she deserves the best.

“I massively penny pinched for her last birthday and I've not forgiven myself for that now, so being able to do this for her is a massive weight off, without having to scrimp and cut corners.

“So myself and Johnny honestly couldn't be more grateful to every single person that helped make this happen.”

Savannah was diagnosed with the rare brain disorder lissencephaly at just 11 months old.

Lissencephaly is a set of rare brain disorders where the whole or parts of the surface of the brain appear smooth which leads to significant development delays which vary from child to child.

Savannah’s parents were told the brain development of their tot was likely to remain at the five-month stage.

Doctors told the couple their toddler may never talk, walk or crawl - but Savannah defied medical opinion in taking her first miraculous steps using a stander.

To make a donation to the fundraiser, visit: