Guests at the opening of Haverigg Inshore Rescue Team’s new lookout station and control room in August 1989 had to wait for the ceremony to start because the team had been delayed on an emergency call.

The opening ceremony of the new lookout station was carried out by Liverpool coastguard district controller Alan Scoltock.

Guests at the event included the Mayor of Millom, Cllr Denise Cloudsdale and members of Millom’s Rotary Club and Round Table, both of which had given the team financial backing over the years.

Team president Jack Proctor said Haverigg now had one of the finest rescue stations of its kind in the country, with a completely up-to-date rescue vessel.

The team was formed in 1976, before which the nearest rescue craft were those stationed at Barrow and St Bees. It was formed following the drowning of a young person in 1973.

During the ceremony, three team members were presented with long service medals - John Witford (who had served for 15 years) and Tony Dawson and Brian Hampson (10 years each).

To mark the occasion Mr Scoltock was presented with a framed photograph of the team and Mrs Scoltock received a bouquet from seven year-old Charlotte Hampson.

Haverigg inshore rescue team was into its third boat since the team was founded, to make sure it had the latest technology available for rescue.

The latest craft which gave a demonstration to guests at the opening of the new lookout station carried a crew of four, was of the latest self-righting design and had specialist navigational equipment which could detect to within 27 yards.

The boat was also capable of a top speed of 30 knots.

In 1987 Haverigg Inshore Rescue Team showed members of the public what happened to the cash they raised.

They launched their boat in a mock rescue at an open day demonstration. On parade pulling the boat was a £3,700 tractor which a recent raft race had helped to buy.

Videos of rescue and practice runs were shown.