A GROUP of travellers who set up camp in Barrow are being taken to court by the council.

Barrow Council is taking action against a group of travellers after they made camp at multiple sites in the town. 

The authority claims the travellers have failed to comply with a direction to move from their most recent base in Ormsgill.

Several cars, caravans and motorhomes have been present on land opposite Long Croft.

A court hearing is due to be held after the council brought a private prosecution against the travellers.

It is alleged the travellers defied a direction to leave the land made under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.

The council believes the group first set up camp in Barrow at BAE's Resolution car park on Barrow Island on March 25.

Since then the travellers have been ordered to move from three sites.

They were told to vacate land by Biggar Bank Road having set up there in early April.

Public protection officers from Barrow Council visited the site last month to carry out assessments.

The council announced that further legal action was being taken after the travellers refused to move off the site.

A ‘direction to move’ notice was served to the group on April 25 which was not complied with, a spokesman for Barrow Borough Council said.

The group of travellers were issued a summons by the council to appear in court and an immediate eviction order was being sought.

However, it was withdrawn on the day the group was due to appear in court.

They were also told to move from their next site on Mill Lane.

The travellers are also believed to have been stationed on Walney Road.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court is due to hear the council's case on Monday.