A Grange craft spirits producer who sells his handmade drinks at market stalls throughout Cumbria is fundraising for a life-changing condition that often affects baby girls.

Jim Whittam, who sells a range of rum, gin, and vodka under his Jimmy Mohawk brand, posted on social media:

"At all our stalls from now on, we will also be collecting for the charity Reverse Rett Syndrome. 

"It's a small charity where local fundraising is pushed by the father of a little girl who suffers with Rett Syndrome. 

"All proceeds go directly to research without the usual middle man taking their slice."

Donate at: https://www.reverserett.org.uk/what-is-rett-syndrome/

Jim, a baker by trade, has recently added a black cherry-infused rum and a pineapple-infused rum to his range.