Hello again readers.

The weeks definitely seem to fly this time of year as we approach the traditional tourist season.

And what a busy one we are expecting.

We recently had our annual inspection which is part of the standard Zoo Licensing process and are pleased to report yet more positive feedback from the people who know these things the best – the Government appointed Zoo Licensing inspectors.

The inspection feedback accurately reflecting the progress the zoo continues to make, acknowledging the ongoing excellent veterinary care, excellent animal welfare and substantial financial investment in our infrastructure.

A little inaccurate reporting suggested issues with our fences, so we’ll take the opportunity to correct this now.

As anyone who uses electric fences knows, anything touching the fence - bit of grass, twig, can cause a “clicking” which could potentially mean the fence isn’t working to its absolute fullest.

It does, however, still work.

On the day of the inspection a clicking was heard on the perimeter and baboon fence - on the baboon fence a tensioning wheel had come slightly loose and the perimeter a growth of ivy was touching slightly.

All our fences are read twice a day and recorded, with animals kept in whilst any issues are resolved if those reads are below safety minimums.

The zoo has one of the best perimeter fences in place, and our own safety protocols mean no animals would be out in paddocks if the fence readings were at an unsafe level.

Elsewhere, a recent relaxing of some avian influenza restrictions gives us hope that our aviaries can soon reopen (only when safe to do so of course, as the safety of our feathered friends must come first!) and we also excitedly watch our European Stork nest in anticipation of the whap whap of some little webbed feet.