A DALTON actress will make her debut as a leading role in an upcoming action movie which is to be released later this month.

Sophie Craig is playing the leading role in ‘The Adventures of Maid Marian’ - a follow-on to Robin Hood.

It will be available on most streaming services including Amazon, Sky, Virgin, Rakuten, Xbox, iTunes and Google from May 9.

Sophie said she was really happy with the final cut and cannot wait for people to watch it.

She said: “I love the movie. I love the fight scenes especially. They were really fun to shoot even though looking back I find watching myself really hard so got a sneak peek before the screening.

“I was so lucky to play alongside such an amazing cast. Every member of the cast and crew was so lovely. Everyone just mucked in and knuckled down.

“It’s an indie film and we shot in covid so we had a skeleton crew and cast so we all were so close. It was lovely. Our director Bill Thomas was brilliant. 

“Action-adventure is really fun. I love getting thrown into the deep end and challenging myself physically. It’s a fun family film.”

When asked what makes this film more distinctive from the previous films about the tale of Robin Hood, Sophie said: “Stories of Maid Marian (Matilda FitzWalter) haven’t really been told in this way. She used to get involved in the fighting and we haven’t seen that. She was also an outlaw. She shunned the norm back then. She was one of the original heroines of English literature. This is set after the stories of Robin Hood and really allows her to have a moment. I hope she continues to get more moments.”

Sophie is in the works of writing her own series and children's book to help young people deal with grief - but ultimately hopes to be casted for more leading roles in the future.

She said: “I’ve been so lucky to have been able to have shot another couple of features since which has been lovely; a sci-fi and The Three Musketeers with James Cosmo.

“I’m currently writing and developing some tv-series and a children’s book to help young ones with grief, while working on my comedy platform @shesnotfunny and just auditioning."