FOUR brave members of the Bay Search and Rescue organisation are currently embarking on a mission to deliver essential supplies to those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Founding member Gary Parson, alongside Dan Mallinson, Neil Brooksbank and Saydé May are currently making their way through the Netherlands before passing through Germany to reach Poland.

Their journey began on the evening of April 21 at 8pm and will take them across 1770 miles.

The group will be delivering supplies such as warm clothing, food, water, hygiene products and more to Poland using a HGV and a van.

Whilst travelling through the Netherlands, Gary said: “Everything has been going as it should so far.

“We still have 600 miles to go until we reach Poland, Krakow, where we will be meeting up with some colleagues who we have met through another charity doing work out there. They are distributing items out there to the people who really need it.

“We have a personal connection in this as one of our vehicles was actually built in Kiev. We know the people there, and the factory, which is now under threat because of the war.

“Since we had the ability to get the donations and deliver them out there, we undertook the task ourselves.

“It’s a huge undertaking but it is the right thing to do.

“Everyone across the UK wants to contribute but it’s not always easy, and you don’t know if it’s getting where it needs to be. We could deliver it ourselves and guarantee that the supplies made it to those who needed it.

“We have 14 pallets, each eight feet high holding a range of goods from babies’ clothes, warm clothes, food, water, sanitation products and a lot more.

"We are so grateful to everyone who has donated to this."

The group have 670 miles remaining to go at the time of writing.