READERS have had their say after a restaurant announced it will be going cashless later this month.

L'al Churrasco in Ulverston revealed its plan to go to a cashless payment system from April 27.

A spokesman for the company said: "In line with our new opening hours, we have taken the big decision to move to electronic card payments only, to help streamline our transition to lunchtime destination No.1 "It will help us by massively reducing banking costs, speeding up customer service, reducing insurance premiums, removing payments errors and improving late-night closedowns.

"We appreciate it may come as an inconvenience to some, and we haven't taken the decision lightly. However, your support will be truly appreciated."

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Readers were unsure of the change, worrying that it is a sign of the times.

Lesley Sedgwick Fursey said: “Sad, cash is legal tender. Some people don't have cards, so they'll no longer visit. Slowly we are being forced to accept technology. Great when it works, but we are stuffed when there's a problem.”

Jennifer Hill said: “Was in Asda earlier, they were only taking cash due to the card machines not working. Just as well we could use cash, as a lot of people would have been stuck. Cash or card should stay in place.”

Risedale & Roosecote Fibs said: “Businesses are struggling and cash payments cost more to process. It seems like a small step to keep their costs down.”

Carla James said: “Yeah it's all great until card machines have fault or my card not working for whatever reason and can't pay the pay bill or even tip your staff because we came without any cash.”

Helen Grave said: “Elderly people like to use cash to pay for a coffee or a tea not fair saying we only take card.”

Monica Kirkby said: “And so it begins.”

Orangevanman said: “So if I go in and order and eat food then say I do not have a smart phone or card what happens???”