HEARTFELT tributes have been paid to a much-loved daughter and sister who died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage.

Tributes have flooded in for Meryl Grainger who died on March 27 at the age of 57.

Meryl was a cherished daughter of Doreen and the late John Grainger, dear sister of Coral, and loving aunt, niece and cousin.

Meryl grew up in Barrow and attended St Pauls C Of E Junior School, Barrow Girls' Grammar School and later the sixth form college.

Her mum Doreen Grainger said the family was ‘extremely proud’ of her daughter’s achievements.

She said: “Meryl was the first ‘fourth generation baby’ born into our family. From the day she was born she brought great joy to all the family, particularly her great grandparents.

“She was the brilliant light in their latter years.

“As a young girl she instinctively knew right from wrong and enjoyed her time at St Paul’s School and St Paul’s Girl guides, becoming a team leader at an early age.

The Mail: IN MEMORY: Meryl Grainger with her beloved dog OliverIN MEMORY: Meryl Grainger with her beloved dog Oliver

“As a teenager she loved playing pop songs on the electric organ and buying material in Barrow Market to make a dress go to the ‘berry or dancing on a Saturday night, probably to champers’.

“She was conscientious in her studies at Barrow Girls Grammar School and the Sixth Form College, gaining very good grades and she set her sights on pastures new.

“All of the family are extremely proud of Meryl and what she achieved in her very successful career, and her tireless voluntary work in the world of dog rescue, after her beloved dog Oliver died.

“Meryl’s dad and I counted ourselves very lucky to have a daughter like Meryl she was a constant source of happiness and joy.

“Meryl worked hard throughout her school life and any reports were always excellent.”

She was the brilliant light in their latter years.

Meryl went into hospital management after leaving school at 18 and lived in South Shields before moving to London where she continued working in health service management.

She then moved into accountancy and became a financial analyst and management consultant for global accountancy firms.

Mum Doreen Grainger said: “Meryl had a successful career eventually working as a management consultant for three of ‘the Big Four’ global accountancy firms.

“She had a heart of gold and was very thoughtful and compassionate. For the last few years Meryl worked tirelessly in the world of dog rescue and was highly regarded by all the people working at the rescue centres.

“She will be sadly missed by so many, but she will always live on in our hearts.”

Meryl lived in Twickenham for 30 years but still enjoyed returning to Barrow and visiting the beach in Walney.

She had a heart of gold and was very thoughtful and compassionate. 

“She still has a lot of great friends in Barrow,” said her sister Coral Grainger.

“She had friends from all over the world.

“She was very loyal, generous and supportive but also very funny and great company.

“No-one has supported me throughout my life like Meryl.

“She never judged, and could be counted on to always be there with whatever I needed, whenever I needed it.

“It’s inspirational to now realise just how many humans and dogs were also lucky to benefit from Meryl’s loyalty and generosity.

“Meryl was the best company, with the best loud laugh. We had great fun and adventures in Barrow, London, and all over the world.

“I really can’t fathom just how much I will miss my best friend and ‘big sis’. Rest in peace, our beautiful Meryl.”

Meryl was the best company, with the best loud laugh.

Meryl died very suddenly after suffering a brain haemorrhage.  

Coral added: “We’re very thankful that we realised something was wrong.

“Luckily, we got to spend some time with her before she died. She came up as a surprise for Mother’s Day. It was quite a shock.”

Meryl also spent her life rescuing animals and would drive across the country saving dogs in need.

The charity Staffie and Stray Rescue paid tribute to Meryl’s years of charity work.

A spokesman said: “There are many people behind the scenes involved with SSR and we are heartbroken to hear the world of dog rescue has lost a true guardian angel.

“Meryl was instrumental to bringing many pups to the safety of SSR, mainly transporting up and down the country herself, arranging with pounds to save lives and also connecting rescues together.

“We are heartbroken to lose such a special lady who we cannot convey to you all enough the impact she made.

“It was only through the connections Meryl had that we built such long lasting relations with other charities.

“Each and every one of the dogs were so special to her and rightly so, she felt they deserved the best.

“No journey was ever too far and no time of night was ever too late.

“Meryl our dear, dear friend, 'not just any friend'. Thank you for everything you did, we shall miss you always, this world is lesser place without you in but your legacy lives on in so many dogs and in turn people’s lives you played a part in bringing such joy too.”