A WINDERMERE Butchers has received multiple awards at the British Pie Awards and was ranked among the best in the United Kingdom.

Huddleston’s Butchers Limited, located on Crescent Road, was honoured with five awards at the competition and their products were highly commended’.

The butchers were placed 2nd in its class, with a silver award for their Bramley apple pie in addition to three more silver awards and a bronze award.

Owned and operated by John Nicholl since 1988, the Huddleston’s Butchers is a regular at the awards and were named as the overall champions in 2016.

John said: "I've owned the business since 1988 and it's been an interesting time in this industry.

"We're regulars at the British Pie Awards. Back in 2016 I was the supreme champion at the awards, we won the whole thing.

"This year we were honoured to have five awards this year. They were for our meat and potato pie, our grafters’ pasties, our ye old pork pie and apple and Bramley pies.

"We were overall second in the categories. You can get gold awards, silvers, and bronzes.

"The top three winners go to the top table and we were ranked second best overall.

"We got second best for our apple pie as well. Our Bramley apple pie was named as second best in the UK.

"I was born and bred in Windermere, and I run this shop with my wife and we also employ Alan Freeman who helps us run it.

"These awards mean a lot to us and in my opinion, it stops you from becoming complacent in your quality of service.

"It keeps you on top of your game.

"Sometimes you see businesses win one or two awards and then you think now I've made it, so no longer need to push for improvement.

"I don't like that.

"I want to keep my standards high at all times and keep pushing to make new things and improve where I see opportunity to do so.

"The awards also give you new ideas to work with and you get to see what the trends are in the pie world.

"There are a lot of competitions around, particularly regional shows but I prefer the British Pie Awards.

"They are the top awards in the country. It shows who the number one creator are around Britain.

"We're currently working on a new pie at the moment. We're developing it at the moment and we're very excited about it.

"It is a spicy lamb meat pie which we are developing. If you like a good curry this is the pie for you.

"Everything is made from scratch like a normal curry.

"Going to the pie awards lets you see what's coming along, what's winning the awards and what is proving popular with the public.

"Eating habits have changed over the years and we've found people are getting fonder of spicy foods."