Holker Old Boys boss Kevin Watkin says preparations are on track for this weekend’s big play-off final.

The Rakesmoor Lane club host Golcar United on Saturday in the promotion shoot-out in North West Counties Division One North.

The Barrow club are hoping to cap an impressive season with a memorable finale at their home ground.

And Watkin says the club is preparing for another healthy attendance for the big day.

“The club are working hard with logistics, setting up, making sure the ground’s ready to host a big following,” he said.

“We might have underestimated the following we got last week [in the semi-final against Nelson], with congestion at the bar and so on.

“Preparation is going well and the countdown’s on.

“To be in this position for the club is a great thing. To see 450 or so last week, and feel the atmosphere around the ground… every club wants that, especially at our level.

“And it’s a big thing for the players to have that following behind them. It’s where we want to be and exactly what the club want.”

Holker Old Boys, after finishing in second place behind champions Bury, battled past Nelson 2-1 after extra-time last weekend.

Watkin said his team showed their fighting qualities in that crucial game, but is also hoping for greater composure on the ball against third-placed Golcar this weekend.

“Sometimes semi-finals can be worse because everyone’s looking at that next step, thinking, ‘We’ve got to do it today…’

“There was a little bit of edge in our performance and I think that reflected in Nelson’s performance too. Lads were a bit pent up, 110mph, we didn’t necessarily put our foot on the ball and slow the game down as we have over course of the year.

“That’s a bit of emotion and pressure of these situations. It’s one thing we’ve got to try and improve on. But credit to the lads to come through it. They’ve got that steel about them, where when it comes to having to fight as well, it’s an area we’ve improved in the last couple of years.

“We’re not a team that might get rolled over. We can win ugly if we need to. You do need that at our level of football.”

Watkin said the club’s physio was at training on Tuesday and will be there again this evening to assess players ahead of the final.

“We’re keeping a close eye on Jason [Walker] with a slight muscle issue, and Josh Woodend was on the receiving end of quite a robust tackle, shall we say, and is suffering with quite a severe swelling on his left ankle," he added.

“We’ve got a group of lads that are strong and can deal with some of these things.

“It would be unfortunate if one has to miss out on such an occasion, especially after their contributions throughout the season, but that’s what squads are for.”