READERS have had their say after Barrow’s town centre has been given a fresh look in a bid to create a 'nicer environment' for visitors.

Barrow BID has funded a spruce up of the Portland Walk columns in the Barrow town centre.

Workers from Wardgroup have been painting the columns which have not had a refresh since Portland Walk was built.

Barrow Bid has funded the works to make the area look nicer for visitors to the town.

Colin Garnett, BID Manager, said: "The columns are a symbol of Portland Walk and at this time it is important that we show a commitment to the national retailers located in Barrow's retail core.

"We want to create a nicer environment for town centre visitors."

Readers questioned the need for the updating of the columns, describing the area as a ‘ghost town’.

Hughie Corr said: “No shops there apart from second hand and charity shops.”

Ruth Lipscombe said: “It will take more than a few painted bollards it's like a ghost town.

“If you look at Barrow in old photos the town was bouncing with people oh yes that's when we had shops were moving backwards not forwards.

“Something needs doing before what shops we have up sticks and go.”

Lynn Morgan said: “Painting empty shops - people will be flocking to the town!”

Phil Rhodes said: “Commitment to national retailers? Are there any left?”

John Wadsworth said: “What national retailers? Barrow's retail core is no longer the town centre, it's the out-of-town shopping parks. If you're a man looking for clothing in the town centre you have a choice of Sports Direct or JD.”

Chrissy Mccarthy said: “Portland walk still looks amazing compared to the rest of Barrow. Why not put time, money and energy into getting more shops open and making it somewhere worth shopping again!”

Emi Ryder said: “Really??? while nearly all of Portland Walk is empty and a few shops at the bottom of town have gone."