AN UBER Eats driver in Barrow owes the county council £800 in fines - and others are giving false names and addresses, a meeting heard.

The information came to light amid discussions about ongoing issues with parking in the town.

It was provided by Cllr Kevin Hamilton, who was chairing the meeting of Cumbria County Council's (CCC's) local committee for Barrow.

After the meeting, Cllr Hamilton also said another Uber Eats driver had been pulled over and found to have more than 25 parking tickets in his glove box.

Sean Green, CCC parking manager, told the meeting he did not feel the Barrow area had enough parking officers at the moment - with three full-time and one part-time currently employed.

He said it was planned a recruitment process for an additional two officers for the area would be launched in the coming weeks.

A meeting of CCC's cabinet tomorrow is to consider a request by the local committee for Barrow. The committee is asking the county council to ask for devolved powers from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to clamp and remove untaxed vehicles.

The problem of poor parking in Barrow is increasingly coming under the spotlight with the issue being raised at a meeting of the borough council's overview and scrutiny committee last month. 

It was agreed at the meeting that a working group of five borough councillors was going to be set up to discuss issues surrounding parking in Crellin Street by delivery drivers.

At the time, Cllr Bill McEwan, who was to chair the working group, said: "They park at the top of it [Crellin Street] by McDonald's so they can go in and get the orders.

"They don't abide to the double yellow lines - they are taking up room and space.

"It just causes big problems to the residents, shopkeepers and everyone involved."

The working group was set up for the purpose of discussing potential approaches to the situation and presenting a report to a future overview and scrutiny committee meeting.