AN APPLICATION seeking permission for the creation of a takeaway in Barrow town centre is to be scrutinised by the borough council's planning committee. 

The submission concerning a retail unit at 47 Crellin Street has been recommended for approval in a report by case officer Jennifer Dickinson.

She has, however, attached a number of conditions to her approval. The opening hours proposed by applicant Munur Kaya were midday to 3am but Ms Dickinson has advised the takeaway not be allowed to operate between midnight and 6am 'to protect the residential amenities of the area'.

The application, which is expected to create three full-time-equivalent jobs, would see the ground floor of number 47 converted into a takeaway. The project would also involve the installation of an extraction system that would serve both number 47 and number 49.

A document produced ahead of today's borough council planning committee meeting noted the response to the change-of-use application from the county council's highways department.

In it, a highways spokesman said the department had no objection to the project. 

He acknowledged that people visiting the takeaway by vehicle for the purposes of food collection might be tempted to park on double or single yellow lines. 

"This in itself may cause temporary inconvenience and increase road safety risk slightly at times but, as Crellin Street is one way, loading and indiscriminate parking on the north side of the road will not actually cause a long-term issue," he said.

He referenced the small scale of the operation - 'it is not a KFC or McDonald's' - and said the impact on the flow of traffic and road safety 'cannot be described as unacceptable or severe'.

In her report, Ms Dickinson said there had been 'evidence of overfilled bins and scattered bins in the recent past' in the back street to the rear of Crellin Street. 

However, she said the back street had now been 'scheduled for frequent cleaning' and that the borough council's streetcare team was 'working with existing traders to ensure that waste bins are emptied frequently'.

In December, an application seeking permission to turn another retail unit in Crellin Street - at number 39 - into a takeaway was granted permission by the borough council's planning committee.