Ash Trees Surgery GP has addressed the situation following the power cut at an Arnside care home that left 15 residents without light. 

Residents were moved from Holly Bank care home in Arnside after flooding resulted in a power outage and the loss of heating.

Chris Coldwell, Executive GP Partner at Ash Trees Surgery said: “We received a phone call from a social care worker on the morning of Tuesday 15 February asking us to send a GP to Hollybank Care Home in Arnside to check residents’ temperatures.

“On arrival the GP assessed all 15 residents and found that three of them had low body temperatures and were at high risk of developing hypothermia.

“At this stage it was decided that it wasn’t safe for the residents to remain at Hollybank Care Home and emergency services were called to transfer all residents to a place of safety.

“We will be working closely with partners to ensure lessons are learnt from this incident.”

MP Tim Farron has called for the CQC to investigate the care home over the incident. 

It was previously reported that four residents were at risk, but the GP found it  only to be three and that no other residents had the same condition.