Cumbria Constabulary have launched an Elderly Abuse Awareness campaign to highlight this devastating, underreported and often hidden crime.

Anyone can suffer abuse or neglect and it is never acceptable. However, vulnerable, older adults can be targeted. Those who are undertaking the abuse can sometimes be relatives or close to the victim.

While crimes against the elderly are not systemic in Cumbria, in the last year the Constabulary have investigated crimes targeting the elderly including assult, neglect, high value financial abuse and rape.

That is why this campaign focuses on awareness raising and asking the public to remain vigilant and to report any concerns to police immediately.

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The signs of elderly abuse are not always obvious, a number of vulnerable people have reported being reluctant to speak up about their abuse. Some may also lack capacity to raise an alarm due to ill health.

Abuse can include physical, sexual, domestic or psychological abuse; fraud or theft, coercive control, neglect or acts of omission, discrimination, modern slavery and cuckooing.

Public Protection Unit Lead for Vulnerable Adults, DI Matt Belshaw said:

“The abuse of elderly people can have devastating affects to them, their families, and the wider community. Everyone has the right to live their life freely, without fear.

“Preventing and reporting cases of elder abuse is everyone’s responsibility. Please, speak up if you have concerns. Your information could stop someone taking advantage.”

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The Public Protection Unit (PPU) work alongside multi-agency partners to protect adults from abuse and neglect. They are also members of boards, such as the Adult Safeguarding Board. Board meetings are held regularly and specific cases are discussed with partner agencies to ensure robust support is provided to protected victims from further abuse or neglect.

The police encourage reporting incidents of abuse so they can be investigated. Reports will be taken by an officer and can be sensitively investigated.

Alternatively, if reporting is not an option, there is a wealth of free, local support services in Cumbria, which can be contacted without police involvement.

Visit for more information on the campaign and support services.

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