A BARROW takeaway has been forced to change its name after becoming embroiled in a legal dispute with a high-end London restaurant.

Solicitors acting on behalf of China Tang at The Dorchester contacted its namesake on Dalton Road claiming the takeaway business infringed their registered trademark.

The London restaurant, based on the famous Park Lane, describes itself as home to some of the finest authentic Cantonese food outside China.

The most expensive dish on its menu is a whole suckling pig costing £330.

Meanwhile the average price of a main meal at the Barrow takeaway is just £6.

Honglu Gu, who owns the family run business which has been operating for over 10 years, said he was 'disappointed and upset'.

He said: "It’s such a high-end restaurant that we had no chance in winning our side.

"We have never had any interactions with the business in all of our years of trading.

"I don’t know why this has happened. The legal dispute was going on for two years. At the beginning I thought it was a scam. They used phones from Hong Kong so I ignored it and then they used a UK solicitor to sue me.

"When I first named the restaurant ten years ago I never thought we couldn't use that name. We didn’t think of their reputation in regards to our small family-run business.

"I put all my hard work and effort into this business. It's such a shame."

Despite Mr Gu and his families disappointment, they hope the Barrow community will still support them and want to ensure nothing else about the business has changed.

He said: "I’m really disappointed. All branding has changed, the sign outside will eventually change and the branding on menus aswell as a new online site.

"I don’t know the affect yet. I worry about losing customers as they might think we’re changing owners but we aren’t - it is still myself and my family

"I’m just really upset and depressed. It’s not what we need after just dealing with a pandemic too."

Mr Gu is yet to add up the costs of the rebranding.

China Tang at The Dorchester was contacted for comment.