A MOUNTAIN rescue team was dispatched yesterday night (Friday 19) to two separate incidents. 

On social media, the mountain rescue team said: "Last night we were called by NWAS to assist with accessing a remote house where an elderly lady had become very ill. Fortunately, the paramedics had managed to get a lift up with a local farmer. To make matters worse storm Eunice had caused a power cut at our base and across most of our team’s patch.

"The base generator was fired up and two vehicles despatch to assist with getting the patient out of the house and down to the road where she could be loaded onto the ambulance.

While all this was going on, we got a call from Cumbria police who had received some limited information about someone stuck on Hardknott pass with wife and 3-month-old baby. As the police were very busy, we agreed to help and despatched a third vehicle to go and investigate.

"They were located near Cockley Beck with a flat tyre and no spare (which is normal in many modern cars) so were transported back to Broughton where they had to spend an unplanned night in at the Kings Head."