A WINDERMERE school of Nunchaku is fighting for autism with their new ambassador role.

The Sport Nunchaku UK National HQ, located on Droomer Driver is ran by Sensei Smith, UK’S 1st World Nunchaku Champion, Paris 2019, and 6th degree black belt in Ju-Jitsu. 

The school has recently reopened its doors to the public following lockdown and is working to spread the benefits of their style and what it can bring to those living with autism, as well as those seeking a new sport.

Sensei Smith said: “As the Sport Nunchaku National ambassador of fighting for autism in the UK and Europe, I find that the nunchaku skills obtained with our training helps to improve mental development, concentration, confidence as well as fitness.”

The club will be holding classes on Tuesday at Windermere and Thursday in Kendal.

As well as Nunchaku, the club also offers training in Ju-Jitsu.

Sensei Smith offers classes in Nunchaku; in which he is the current world champion and also Private tuition in Iaido and of which he holds a 1st -degree black belt and a second-degree black belt in Kobudo, and has trained in 24 different styles of martial arts

Sensei Smith will also be visiting local businesses in the area to teach owners about the style, network and help promote their business around Cumbria.

Nicola Postlethwaite events manager castle green hotel undertook a 20-minute private training session with Sensei Smith on February 14 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

All Sport Nunchaku Videos can be found on Sport Nunchaku Youtube River Kent video.

Nicola said “He’s so enthusiastic and passionate about his sport. I have worked with him for the last 10 years and very professional and would definitely recommend him.”

Sensei Smith is reopening on March 1, beginning in Windermere where classes will be held on Tuesday.

Thursday classes will be held in Kendal on Castle Street Road.

Sport Nunchaku classes are held from 6pm until 7pm.

For information visit snuk.org.uk, facebook.com/sportnunchaku/ or, The Sport Nunchaku Team http://m.me//sportnunchaku/.