DUDDON and Furness Mountain Rescue were called out to an incident on the fells which left one casualty hospitalised.

One of the casualties was able to walk but the other was showing signs of illness so both were airlifted to hospital on Monday.

A spokesman for Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team said: "The team spent the day working with Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team to rescue two males (19 and 20 years) from near the top of Little Narrow Cove after spending the night out. One of the males was okay and could walk, but the other was showing signs of been very ill.

"Because of the remote location and illness, an HM Coastguard - Prestwick SAR Flight helicopter was requested but because of high winds and turbulence was unable to land near the casualties so very helpfully uplifted 13 rescue team members and kit to the summit of Ill Crag which is a relative short, but was a very cold and icy walk carrying a large amount of kit to the casualty site.

"The casualty was treated and packaged and a very challenging stretcher carry commenced. After refuelling, the helicopter returned and twice tried to get into our location to airlift the casualties but was again unable to so landed in the valley bottom. It took over an hour to get the casualty down to the helicopter which then airlifted both casualties to hospital.

"The teams than had a long walk out, down the Esk, to our vehicles which had been moved around from Wasdale Head where they were originally parked.Great to work with Wasdale MRT and many thanks to Prestwick Coastguard SAR Helicopter. Wishing the casualty a speedy recovery."