THE UK Highway Code will see eight changes made as of the end of this month. 

The changes will be made to The Highway Code from January 29 onward..

There are changes in 8 important areas:

  • introducing a new hierarchy of road users
  • crossing the road at junctions
  • walking, cycling or riding in shared spaces
  • positioning in the road when cycling
  • overtaking when driving or cycling
  • cycling at junctions
  • people cycling, riding horses and driving horse-drawn vehicles on roundabouts
  • parking, charging and leaving vehicles

Louis Rix, co-founder and COO of car finance platform CarFinance 247, said: "Drivers should be held accountable – and the updates give better clarity. Debates can be expected on social media.

"Many drivers won’t be happy with the changes, but vulnerable road users must be at the centre of any updates."

Information on what has changed can be found