SOUTH Cumbria's motorists will have eight road closures to avoid nearby on the National Highways network this week.

Two of them are expected to cause moderate delays – with drivers facing holdups of between 10 and 30 minutes.

The latest expected works list, with notes from National Highways, shows that four closures already in place are expected to carry on this week:

• A590, from 8am January 12 to 11pm February 1, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A590 Ulverston Canal Street, three-way traffic lights for SU works (Network Plus).

• M6, from 9pm September 27, 2021 to 6am February 2, slight delays (under 10 minutes): M6, junction 34 to 35 northbound and southbound, lane and full closures for Bridge joint replacement works.

• M6, from 8pm January 9 to 6am February 14, slight delays (under 10 minutes): M6 southbound, junction 36 to 35, Lane one closure and 1/2 closure inc, junction 36 entry slip closure for pavement renewal.

• A590, from 8pm September 4, 2021 to 6am July 30, moderate delays (10-30 minutes): A590 eastbound and westbound, Swarthmoor, Convoy working for Construction of new four arm roundabout to replace the current staggered junction.

And a further four closures will begin over the next seven days:

• A590, from 8pm January 17 to 5am January 18, moderate delays (10-30 minutes): A590 eastbound and westbound, West of Newby Bridge Rbt, three-way traffic signals for patching works.

• A590, from 9.30am to 3.30pm on January 19, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A590 westbound, Brettargh Holt Roundabout to A6 Levens slip road, Lane one closure for Topographical survey.

• A590, from 9.30am January 20 to 3.30pm January 21, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A590 eastbound and westbound, Meathop Roundabout to Witherslack, Lane one closure, Layby closure and Central Reserve Gap closure. For Topographical survey.

• A590, from 10pm January 25 to 6am January 27, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A590 eastbound and westbound, Booths Roundabout to Newland, Multiway signals for Topographical survey.

National Highways is responsible for maintaining motorways and major A-roads, so closures of smaller roads will not be included in their schedule.