PRAISE has been given after a statue depicting the epidemic of knife crime was unveiled in Barrow's Town Centre.

Standing at over 27 feet tall and made from over 100,000 knives, the statue, dubbed the Knife Angel, towers over the square below.

It was created by the British Ironworks Centre, to highlight the dangers of knife crime.

The knives were collected by 43 police forces across the country, before being blunted and sterilised.

It took workers more than two hours to place and secure the statue after it arrived from its previous location of Carlisle.

The statue will be in Barrow Town Centre until January 31, when it will be relocated to Worcester.

The majority of The Mail readers had lots of great things to say about the statue, whilst some worried about it attracting crime.

Julie Maggs said: "It’ll look amazing later when the sunshine touches it."

Margaret Rawlinson Whipsearle said: "Amazing! well done all involved, and the police forces."

Julie Maggs said: "It’s amazing." Julie Preston said: "Saw this a few months ago, it really is amazing especially at night."

Rachel Rawlinson said: "Looks amazing and is for a great reason. Knife crime is no joke. But I hope them knifes are glued, fastened or screwed on really tight, coz if they ain’t I’m worried some might go missing. Kids in this town get bored, so this is going to be a playground for them." Sue Coppard said: "Very much makes you think. Stunning." Law Morris said: "I have seen this in my home town and it is an amazing piece of work and very eye opening." Christine Rowan said: "Some good news rather than Covid for a change .. very stunning."

Josie Fallows said: "Hope it's under surveillance."

Carole Barry said: "Amazing statue."

Christine Barrow said: "Love it."

Craig Scott said: "That’ll be nicked by weekend."