AS seen on BBC2 with Nish Kumar Black Axe Throwing Co is thrilled to be opening their third permanent venue at Kanteena, the collaborative home of art and entertainment in Lancaster.

The new venue is due to open on Thursday, January 13 and you can book your place now.

Fast-paced and competitive, their award winning urban axe throwing experience is "the perfect event to let off some steam, settle office rivalries, or determine which of your mates you want with you in a zombie apocalypse".

A spokesman for Black Axe Throwing Co said: "Hailing from the backyards of Canada, urban axe-throwing has become massively popular all over the world as an exciting and inclusive activity.

"From mastering the basic techniques, to nailing a trick-shot, our expert instructors will have you ready to enter high-stakes competitions with your fellow axe-throwers in no time.

"This will be Black Axe’s third UK venue.

"We will be searching for the best axe throwers from Lancaster and beyond to compete for the title of UK champion.

"The best of the best will be invited to compete against throwers from our Belfast and Edinburgh branches for a chance to win the title."