WALKING around Asda and browsing what was on offer, I had a brainwave - let's have a sausage off.

First I saw Asda's Farm Stores eight pork sausages, and next to them were Richmond's 12 skinless pork sausage.

The Asda Farm Stores sausages were considerably cheaper than the Richmond's, coming in at 80p, compared to £2.

The pack of Asda sausages weigh 454g, compared to just 319g from Richmond. They're considerably less weight.

Most surprising was the pork content in the Asda Farm Stores' sausages.

They have 51 per cent pork while Richmond had 43 per cent. I expected the pork content of the Richmond sausages to be a lot more since they are the most expensive, but they have significantly less.

Now there's a few ways you can prepare sausages.

If you've got an air fryer use your air fryer, if you don't like the air fryer use your oven, if you don't want your oven use your grill, and if you don't want to use your grill, you can fry them

It doesn't matter, as long as they're cooked at the end of the day!

Once I cooked two of each in the air fryer I plated them on ready to be taste tested.

The Richmond sausage looked like someone's finger.

There was significant shrinkage with one of the Richmond's.

It was quite a salty sausage, but they're tasty mind, and I like salt.

They've got a bit of spice to them as well, and when I say spice I mean they're herby.

They have got quite a bit of flavour.

Next up was Asda's Farm Stores sausages.

They were lovely as well, there was nothing wrong with them.

The centre of them were quite loose, there wasn't a lot of body to them.

It's like they've been mashed up together in a blender then stuck together with the skins on so inside there's not much texture to it, however they're tasty for 80p.

The sausages are two different flavours and I like them both, I like them both as much as each other.

The best value for money are the Asda Farm Stores sausage without a shadow of a doubt.

If one person reads this and it saves their £1.20 then this review has worked, that's what its all about, trying to save people money.

But taste wise, it's a draw for me.

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