PERSISTENT domestic abusers are being targeted by police in the run up to Christmas.

Cumbria Police have launched Operation County to stop repeat cases of domestic abuse while also offering additional support to victims and their families.

People who have been identified as repeat victims will be visited by officers and made aware of the support available.

They are also provided with a consistent, single point of contact where they can report crimes and concerns.

Officers are also visiting the people who are responsible for the abuse in order to encourage and help them address their offending behaviour.

Detective Chief Inspector James Yallop said: “Sadly, every day we see the damage domestic abuse brings upon communities, individuals and families.

“The police prioritise domestic abuse all-year-round but we are carrying out a dedicated operation at this time of year because this is a period when domestic abuse can be more prevalent.

“Repeat offenders can expect a visit from us. We know who they are and we are monitoring them very closely. I am determined that we do everything we can to keep people safe.

"This will involve arresting the person responsible for the abuse but we also need to work with offenders to address their behaviour in order to stop the cycle of repeat offending.

"We cannot simply arrest our way out of the problem and we will continue to work with our partners in order to address the causes of offending behaviour.

“Domestic abuse will not be tolerated.”

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, said: “Sadly domestic abuse happens in our communities as it does anywhere else, and no matter where it occurs it is unacceptable and must be dealt with robustly.

"The police are ready to step in when called and do what they can do help and it is my role as PCC to provide services for the victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

“I would always encourage anyone in an abusive relationship to call the police on 101, 999 in an emergency; and if you cannot speak you can press 55 to alert the call handler that you need help.

“Nobody should have to endure abuse of any kind alone."

To access support services independently, contact Victim Support 24/7 on 0808 1689 111 - or visit the Cumbria Together website

There is also help for domestic violence perpetrators available at