A PARAMEDIC is hoping for UK chart success with the release of her Christmas single.

WOX - Working Over Christmas is the latest festive tune to hit music streaming sites, and it was created here in South Cumbria.

Millom based paramedic Tracy French, who lives in Haverigg, wrote the song last year, and called in the help of some of her old band mates to bring it to life.

WOX comprises of Tracy French on keyboard, Andrew Sinclair on vocals and guitars and Steve Harrison on drums.

Already hearing great feedback from those who have listened, Tracy said: "I'm not one to like shouting about it too much, everybody that has heard it has absolutely loved it because its upbeat and relatable."

Tracy had originally hoped to release the song last year, but after taking advice from the producer to wait another year whilst they perfected it, the end result has turned out better than she could have hoped for.

The music video for the single will be released on YouTube this weekend.

Tracy said: "A lot of it was filmed at the Beggars Theatre in Millom and the red devils have contributed to it as well - they did a couple of jumps!"

53-year-old Tracy has spent many years enthralled by music, playing in her first band since she was a teen.

She said: "I started playing my first band when I was 15 and I started working the ambulance service when I was 24 – I did both til I was about 30 but I started to struggle and I haven’t done it (play music) that much since then.

"I've still played at friends weddings, but all of the other guys on the single are professionals.

"This is a bit of a dream of mine that I thought would never happen

"My first thing was to just record a decent song, next was getting it onto iTunes, and now its on there wouldn’t it be nice if we made it into the top 100.

"I'd love to see it chart in the top 100 but I'm a happy bunny anyway - I'm very proud of what we have done."

The single is available to listen to on music streaming platforms.

Visit: www.woxmas.com