A POPULAR television show has had its day, say readers as a breakfast show presenter was taken ill while taking part.

Richard Madeley was rushed to hospital in the small hours of Thursday morning.

The TV presenter fell ill in the camp and left production staff and stars terrified as a medical team rushed into Gwrych Castle.

Madeley was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance and said to be "on the mend" according to a source from The Sun.

The I'm A Celebrity Twitter account confirmed that the presenter was taken to hospital and that "the health and safety of our campmates is our priority."

Junction 36 said: "It's such a sad show, think its had its day, time to put it in room 101."

Grassgarth said: "I think the viewing figures were up last time, not my cup of Bovril but plenty of folk like it."

Angus Mecoatup. said: "I agree, it was getting tired in Australia, it just doesn't work in Wales. Same old games, with Ant and Dec laughing at them. Pretty awful really."

Saltedcaramel3 said: "So does he get to keep the £200,000 appearance fee? In for four days - 50k a day. Not a bad payday.

"He'd probably have to surrender the fee if he left of his own accord but if he was ill or as result of a challenge?"

Madeley has confirmed that he felt ill and attended hospital, and would've returned to camp if he'd been allowed.

However, Covid protocols on the show prevented him from doing so.

The medical emergency came just hours after Madeley completed the trail Kitchen Nightmares trial.

The 65-year-old struggled with untying knots and being pelted with rotten fruit and left the challenge with six out of ten stars as campmates were disappointed.