THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, tested out festive goodies sent to me by a local food app.

Barrow Eats sent me food from Barrow takeaway, which is based on Crellin Street.

They're a takeaway that serves up all sorts of heartwarming food.

I was sent a Christmas pie, a black pudding sausage roll, a scotch egg and a brownie.

It's that time of the year isn't it - Christmas is coming up!

First up to be tasted after being cut in half was the Christmas pie.

The pie is available for £2.30 and what they are is a pie with turkey, carrot, swede and gravy.

There is also a pig in blanket, sausage meat and stuffing with roast potato on top.

There was only a little bit of bacon on the pig in blanket, but it was there.

The pie was lovely and warm - what is not to love really?

These Christmas pies sell like hot cakes, believe it or not. They only sell them at Christmas.

I've had these pies before, but I haven't had them in a while. The last time that I had these pies was in 2018, and remembering them then they were absolutely gorgeous.

I was working in the shipyard and we would go out for a drive and get them for everyone - all of the lads.

We used to buy the whole shop! We'd bringing them back in a big box, about 50 or 60 pies.

They are absolutely gorgeous, so tasty. It's what you want at this time of year, isn't it? Comfort food with a little bit of gravy on as well.

Next up was the sausage roll with black pudding which costs £1.80.

The sausage roll was gorgeous - it was well seasoned and the pastry was lovely.

You really get a taste of the black pudding coming through.

It was beautiful, just beautiful. I love black pudding as well, I really do.

I was a lucky boy that day, because next up was a delicious scotch egg which can be purchased for £2.

You could see all of the spices when I cut the scotch egg in half.

I really couldn't fault it.

The outer casing was nice and crisp and it was seasoned well. Absolutely gorgeous.

Last but not least was the Cottage Bakery brownie for £2.20.

It was lovely and claggy, chocolatey and sweet.

It was sticking to the inside of my mouth, which is what you want isn't it?

Wow, what a treat that was!

You can order from by visiting Barrow Eats or by calling them on: 01229 839000

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