Work could begin next year to make a notoriously dangerous road ‘safer’.

Baroness Vere, under-secretary of state for the Department for Transport, responded to a bid sent by Cumbria Better Connected to tackle safety issues on the A590 and revealed National Highways had identified ‘some’ improvements to the road, which has been the scene of numerous fatal crashes.

Measures include a 40mph speed limit at Newby Bridge service station and changes to speed limits between the High Newton bypass and Greenodd, which are in the ‘final design stages’ and are planned to be delivered in 2022/23.

Additionally, 'comprehensive' signage and road layout improvements are planned for spring next year at Backbarrow, involving signage, central islands, road lining and bus stop improvements on the section approaching and passing through the village.

The baroness also revealed that work had begun on determining investment beyond 2025 and encouraged the group ‘to make the case for further interventions on the A590’ as National Highways continues to refresh its route strategies, which review the performance, pressures and opportunities on the road network.

However, there has been no movement on a proposed roundabout at Gilpin Bridge.

MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale Tim Farron will meet on Tuesday with National Highways to ‘make the case’ for the multi-million-pound scheme.

“We’ve won some immediate changes which would make it safer along the A590,” he said.

“But the big thing which I think will do the most good is what I am going to see National Highways about.”

The news has been welcomed by Sue Sanderson, Cumbria county councillor for Cartmel and MP Simon Fell, who were among those who helped secure the commitment.

“We’re pleased with any movement we get about safety issues on the road,” said Cllr Sanderson, who has campaigned with her community on the issue for more than six years.

“We still have a lot more issues on that road.

“But we’re really pleased and what’s more important is that the community is really pleased that we’re beginning to see outcomes on the work that we’ve been doing over a considerable length of time.”

Mr Fell said he was ‘very glad’ that Baroness Vere listened to concerns and hoped to see improvements soon.

“The A590 is the main road in and out of Furness, and while some of the worst blackspots are not within my constituency, when an accident occurs there it impacts almost anyone who travels in the constituency,” he said.

“Through Cumbria Better Connected we submitted a detailed bid for improvements at some of the worst spots on the A590 to limit the number of accidents, and also the impact they have on traffic in the event they do occur.

“I am very glad that Baroness Vere is listening to our concerns and hope that we will see improvements soon – until we do, the campaign will continue.”