A new doggy daycare could soon open its doors after plans were submitted to South Lakeland District Council.

A proposal has been submitted by Mr and Mrs Lee Minhinnick to the council to open a doggy daycare facility which would see the animals visit Sea Shell Cottage in Roosebeck.

According to the plans, a detached building would be built in the applicants’ garden for a maximum of ten dogs to stay through the day.

A planning statement submitted with the proposal reveals that the daycare facility would not be used for overnight boarding of dogs.

The building would be used for general resting of dogs that have already been exercised during the day.

There will be some stalls to ensure that all the dogs are safe and can be segregated during rest time.

The dogs will be supervised at all times by staff on site, of which there could be between two to three at any given time.

The facility would operate from 7.30am until 5.30pm on weekdays and weekends.

The plans state: “There will be ample room for vehicles to drop off and collect their dogs. Timing of collections and drop offs will be staggered by management and also some dogs will be collected from owners houses whilst out walking other dogs therefore reducing the traffic impact.”

A response in support of the plans was submitted by Kelsey Thompson, of Seasalter Ltd in Walney.

She said: “I have no objection to the proposed development so long as the business will not seek to try to have our long-standing oyster farming practices altered if it is alleged to be disturbing the new business of dogs at rest.

“Also the proposed new building will sandwich with our existing building, the land’s drainage sump, and care will need to be taken not to obstruct in case of flooding which does occur every few years.”

Aldingham parish council also showed its support for the proposal but raised ‘possible concern’ regarding noise levels for the local neighbourhood.