A archaeology group hit the jackpot during their latest dig.

Unearthed in Dalton which is run by Graeme Rushton runs monthly digs to see what buried treasures he and his metal detectorist friends can find.

On Sunday, the group found a selection of 11 coins that dates back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth through to King Charles in the 16th and 17th century.

Mr Rushton said he was very happy with the find.

He said: "It proves that there was somebody 400 years ago that lost the contents of their purse or buried a hoard on purpose to retrieve at a later date but never came back for it."

The hoard of coins which included, shillings, six pence's and three pence's were found in Shap on farmland.

The coins will now go through the treasure process, where the coins are recorded and if a museum wants to acquire the coins, the finder and landowner will get a 50/50 split of whatever earnings are to be made from the coins.

If the museum does not want to keep the coins then the finder can keep the coins.

Graeme said that the team are looking forward to more information on the hoard of coins.

The dig was broadcasted last night (Tuesday, 23) on the Unearthed youtube channel at 8pm where people can find out more information and watch how the archaeology process takes place.

Mr Rushton said that that they were very fortunate to find the coins when they did as in the future the land they discovered them on will be used for redevelopment.

Mr Rushton said: "Potentially with the machinery going in, it could of smashed the coins into pieces so we were very fortunate in saving those coins from future destruction."

Since the age of seven Mr Rushton has been passionate for history which lead him to start Unearthed where they sell metal detectors, equipment and organise the digs.

Currently,Mr Rushton is filming with ITV for a new five part series, which is due to air in January. The show will be centred around treasure hunting and will be presented by Henry Cole.