This week I, Bald Foodie Guy, tried out a dish from a Barrow Chinese takeaway.

This week's takeaway was a recommendation; someone in the comments of my YouTube channel said, 'Why not check out the Wai Ming', and so I did.

I phoned them up with my order, and they said it would be ready in just 15 minutes.

I had ordered a mixed meat curry with a portion of egg fried rice, a portion of chips and a portion of curry sauce.

All of that came to just £15.

First up was the chips – they were a full bag when I picked them up but I was nibbling on them on the way home, so it was a little emptier when I came to review it.

They were frozen chips I'm afraid.

I remember as a young kid we used to go to a Chinese restaurant in Barrow and the chips used to be the proper potato peeled chips – big fat ones they were. Absolutely lovely.

These ones were frozen but I'll be honest, they're tasty frozen ones – they really are – and that's all that matters.

I don't know what oil that they use, but they are tasty.

They had the little crispy hard ones as well, and I like them.

I ordered plain noodles and the tub was absolutely rammed, which is what you want. They are big tubs as well.

I love noodles and these ones were quite moist – I do like moist noodles.

They were lovely, you don't need any more seasoning on them. They were quite salty but they were tasty.

They were soft and really lovely – absolutely spot on.

The main meal was £7.20, and it costs an extra 30p if you order with fried rice.

It was a full dish, which is exactly what you want when you order it.

The first meat I tried in the mixed meat curry was the beef.

The first piece was a little bit chewy, but not totally rubbery. It was tasty nonetheless.

The second bit of beef that I tried was a tad better.

In the dish was also Char Siu pork, chicken and king prawns.

The pork was tasty, but there was only two bits of chicken in the whole dish.

The curry sauce that the meat was sat in was lovely, but very sweet.

I prefer them hot but it was quite tasty.

If you like sweet curries, this is the one for you.

The tub of egg fried rice couldn't have been any fuller. It tasted lovely; you don't need any more seasoning in that rice.

The tub of curry sauce was gorgeous – it gave a little bit of heat on the back of the palette as well.

You get a lot of food and for two people it's not bad as it is £7.50 each.

I would definitely get this again; it was lovely.

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