Schoolchildren were pounding the running tracks in July 1993 as the school sports day season reached its crescendo.

Haverigg School pupils competed in brilliant sunshine after having to cancel a previous date because of rain.

Their day began with light-hearted events and races, which saw mums and dads take to the sports field, and toddlers also had a chance to show their paces.

Later, the serious action saw the Blues team run out worthy winners with 78 points, followed by the Greens (71) and Reds and Yellows tied for third place with 70 points.

In 1997 Haverigg School had a visit from a famous author to celebrate its annual book week.

A number of activities were arranged for the children throughout the week, ranging from story-telling and poetry readings to a visit from Joan Eadington, the creator of the Jonny Briggs stories.

Headteacher Janice Brockbank said "Reading is an important life skill, so we thought we would use this opportunity to try to rekindle the children's interest. We have also introduced a lot of new reading material this week."

At the beginning of the week the young people's librarian, Andrew Haggerty, went to Haverigg to talk to the children about how they used their library.

He said: "What I always try to get across is that the library is there for them to use. I promote a positive attitude and always get a brilliant response from kids."

During his day with the children, he took part in quizzes which demonstrated how to use the layout of the library, showed them how to join and gave them advice on how to find information.

Andrew Haggerty worked in libraries throughout Copeland and was in charge of the mobile library which visited schools once a term.

That enabled children to choose new books for themselves and gave them confidence.