"No matter how many times you have seen A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ulverston Outsiders' performance is not one to miss."

So began a review by The Mail in March 1990.

It went on: "Played for laughs all the way, the strong cast made the most of all the comic opportunities.

"From the first appearance of the four young lovers, Hermia (Kerry Willison-Parry), Demetrius (Steve Freeland), Lysander (Robin Twyford) and Helena (Diane Hunt), the show picked up a pace that didn't flag for the rest of the night."

The review said the quartet was superb. The quarrel between Hermia and Helena was sheer delight with its unseemly brawling and caterwauling. Kerry Willison-Parry was a perfect Hermia, coquettish in love and downright shrewish when rejected.

Diane Hunt was just the right foil for her as the slightly more dignified Helena, who could give as good as she got when it came to a scrap.

The 'rude mechanicals' were Quince the carpenter (Doug Fairweather), Bottom (Neil Metcalfe), Snug the joiner (Roger Rushton), Flute the bellows-mender (Trevor Hughes), Snout the tinker (Kevin Neale) and Starveling the tailor (Alan Lewis).

Puck was played with tremendous flair by Michelle Hindmarch-Bissett.

Rebecca Carrick as Moth made a lovely entrance with some delightful fairy-like dancing and stood up well to the peevish Puck.

Julie Lloyd and Steve Carrick were brilliant, playing Titania and Oberon as a couple of ageing ravers.

The fairies, Moth, Cobweb (Sarah-Jane Newton), Mustardseed (Katherine Barron), Peaceblossom (Fiona McCullagh) and the Changeling (Michelle Larcombe) added to the pleasure with some delightful dancing.

Neil Metcalfe got full approval from the audience for his comical, vainglorious Bottom.

The final scene where the mechanicals performed their play was a riot and it was fun to watch Theseus (Chris Barron), Hippolyta (Pat Timewell) and the lovers enjoy the awfulness of it.

Neil Metcalfe and Neil Curry shared honours for producing and directing the play.

In 1992 Ulverston Outsiders performed another Shakespeare play, Hamlet. Other shows included The Accrington Pals in 1987 and 'Allo 'Allo.