A project to repair the roof of Millom's oldest school has seen a swell of support from the community.

The school, which was built in 1858, sits next to Holy Trinity Church. The building is currently used by the Carlisle Diocese.

Millom man Duane Farren is at the helm of the project, calling on people in the area to come together to fix the roof with hopes that the building can be used for educational purposes and to draw in tourists to the area.

Mr Farren issued a request for local tradesmen in the area to come forward to help save the historic building, volunteering their time to repair the roof.

He said: "Within the first 12 hours there were 16 tradesman, two joiners, six labourers and two tea ladies who have offered their help.

"Local building suppliers PGM have also said they will help with materials.

"We would be grateful if a scaffolding firm could put some scaffold up to do the repairs.

"This is a chance for all the local community to save this historic building.

"If and when the building is completed, it will be used for educational purposes as well as being open to the public.

"The roof is in need of great repair.

"There are lots of loose slates which have caused some holes to the ceiling.

"The school has had many uses over the years, and it would be great to use it again for educational purposes and tourism."

When the repair to the roof is complete, a range of local items dating from prehistoric times through to the medieval period, will be put on display for people to learn more about.

Mr Farren, who routinely searches for interesting finds around Millom, said: "I have been unearthing items for the past 45 years, these items will be on display.

"Local people have also given me items to display."

If you are interested in helping or making a donation to the cause, contact Duane on 07730382965.