A rare £2 coin has sold in the UK for £500 with more believed to still be in circulation.

The coin features the face of the First World War Lord Kitchener who featured on the “Your Country Needs You” posters.

It was released by the Royal Mint seven years ago in 2014 to commemorate 100 years since the start of WW1.

Not all versions of the coin will earn you hundreds, in fact, a normal version of the coin will be worth no more than its face value of £2.

How to know your coin could be worth a small fortune

However, if you find the words “Two Pounds” are missing on the head side then the coin could be worth a small fortune.

According to experts at Coin Hunter, 5,720,000 of these coins are still in circulation but it appears to be “very rare” to find one without a date.

It isn’t clear exactly how many of coins with an error remain in circulation but the first of its kind sold in March 2020 for £500.

Coin Hunter experts said on Facebook: "Check your coins that feature Lord Kitchener.

"If the heads side does not show 'TWO POUNDS' - you have an error that appears to be very rare."

The Royal Mint will be on hand to check if a coin is real if you suspect it could be worth more than face value.