WINDERMERE will soon see the launch of a new hair and beauty salon on Quarry Rigg.

Kendal Hairdresser & Bridal hair designer Anna Sorbie opened her new salon in the town earlier this year during the summer, however due to lockdown she was unable to put on the launch night she had planned.

But now the business will be enjoying its upcoming launch with the help of a popular local bar.

SALON: Anna has opened the new Bowness Barber Salon on Quarry Rigg

SALON: Anna has opened the new Bowness Barber Salon on Quarry Rigg

Boaters Bar Bowness will be hosting Anna’s launch night on November 25.

She is inviting locals and like-minded professionals to come and join them.

The new hair salon will be a place where customers can experience some of the leading technology, products and services in hair care and styling.

Anna has been building her skill sets, working, and networking in London for the past 10 years while having her home in Kendal raising her two sons.

The salon will be offering a range of services; cuts, colouring, re-styles, make up services along with Anna’s own range of hair extensions and bespoke bridal head wear.

Anna said: “I feel proud to bring the experience I’ve learnt in the industries back home.

“I’m excited to grow my business and push my own products out there.

BEAUTY: New salon gets its launch at the Boaters Bar

BEAUTY: New salon gets its launch at the Boaters Bar

“When lockdown happened it really made people stop, think, and realign themselves with their local community.

“I opened the salon up here and we will be selling our bridal accessories which we’re very excited about.

“We’ll be doing a prep wedding night for grooms so you can get ready before the wedding.

“You can get a beer, provided by Bowness Bay Brewery, and we’re looking to include wine from a local supplier as well.

“It’s all going really well and we also have the space next to use as a barber.

“We’re looking forward to the launch party. It’s been so great of Boaters and Olivia to help us with this.

“We have a lot of plans for the night. We’ll have live music; we’ll have some talks about our products. We are hoping to get actor Tamer Hassan who was in The Business, Football Factory and Batman.

“There will also be a raffle for a local friend of ours who is growing vegetables for the community.

“We’re really excited for it and we can’t wait to get started.”

She brings a wealth of experience into her work which includes working with shows and events such as The Wedding National Show, Brides Lux, National Press and Magazines, Jenny Packham, Victoria London dress designer.

LAUNCH: Olivia Hartley, manager of the Boaters Bar

LAUNCH: Olivia Hartley, manager of the Boaters Bar

Boaters Bar manager Marketing, events and communications manager for Boater’s Bar, Olivia Hartley said: “We love supporting local businesses, charities and people alike.

“We are a thriving community and are really proud to be a part of it.”

To add to this new addition to Bowness, there is also a barber lounge who is in partnership with Bowness Bay Brewery and will be offering exclusive use for pre wedding and male grooming parties as well as being open every day for men to step away and enjoy being groomed.

This space is also available for freelancer barbers.

Being freelance in the past, Anna is also setting up a kinship that offers opportunists and support to others.

The salon space is also available for freelancers needing space from time to time.

BAR: Bowness’ Boaters Bar

BAR: Bowness’ Boaters Bar