A PRESIDENT of a rotary club has achieved a special award for its clubs accomplishments in helping the lives of people in the community.

President of Rotary Club of Furness, Marin McLeavy has achieved a Presidential citation on behalf of his team for the services the team have given over the past 12 months.

To achieve Presidential citation a rotary club must achieve at least 13 targets out of 25 set out by rotary clubs throughout the UK and Ireland.

Martin and his team excelled this target and achieved 16. These targets include: Increasing club membership, leadership development programmes, money donation to Polioplus to eradicate Polio, projects completed during the Rotary year e.g. Tour de Furness and Santa Dash, youth work and more.

Martin who has been president for one year but will be extending his title into next year has been a member of the club since 2010 and loves every second of it.

He said: “It’s an honour to be president and work for a great club.

“We’ve done all sort of things for the community so to be recognised is great.

“Hopefully we will get another in the year 2021-2022.”

Martin and his team worked tirelessly from December 2020 until current times marshalling at the Covid vaccine clinics. They gave up 9,000 hours for free to provide the community with a safe routine visit to the clinics keeping everything in order.

Martin said: “It’s a huge commitment by all the volunteers.

“Even though the citation is a Presidential award from my point of view it’s for the clubs and the members. I just lead as well as help but it’s for all their hard work and dedication that we have achieved this award.”

Martin joined the club in 2010 when he stepped down as Dalton Mayor and he was asked by previous Barrow Mayor, Rory McClure who invited him to join the club and he has been here every since.

Martin said: “I’m not one for sitting around doing nothing, I love being involved and helping out so of course I said yes and I’ve never left.

“I absolutely love being apart of the club it’s overwhelming seeing how much we do for young people, old and people with disabilities.

“We want people to know who and where we are so they come and join us.”