A SCHOOL of dance is celebrating its pupil’s tremendous success and achievement during the past challenging 18 months.

Ballet students from Maria Fischer’s Windermere and Furness School of Dancing have done astoundingly well in their exams this year despite Covid-19 restrictions.

During the lockdown the school was fortunate that they could still practise virtually on Zoom continuing the ballet classes keeping the children motivated and focused where many businesses faced closure.

50 distinctions and 31 High Merits were awarded to 81 children aged six to 17 years old from Barrow and Dalton having only two weeks in the studio after months of online classes to prepare for the big day.

Owner and dance teacher at Maria Fischer said she was so incredibly proud of all her children.

She said: “During our online classes it was so lovely to see their commitment and enthusiasm, it filled me with such joy to see how happy they were and also how dedicated.

“Their excellent results were well deserved.

“They all coped amazingly well during the virtual sessions, they were so polite, well-behaved and attentive.

“They all adjusted really well. It took me a little bit of time but it’s how it had to be for the school to remain open.

“Ballet isn’t something you can stop and start or you will start to lose flexibility so you need to keep going.

“Dance also plays such an important role in our mental and physical health and sense of well-being which was extra important during covid times were people would struggle with this.”

Once lockdown restrictions had lifted Maria and her pupils returned to their usual in-person classes keeping to social distancing rules were they only had two weeks to practice using the equipment in the studio before filming their ballet exams and sent off to the Royal Academy of Dance Examiners.

The school celebrated 30 years since opening last month but due to the pandemic weren’t able to put on a performance so are hoping to put on a show of Coppelia next June.

Maria said: “We usually do a show every two years but it was postponed last year due to Covid and instead we went full steam ahead with exams.

“Hopefully we can put on a show next year to celebrate as all the pupils deserve it.”